Club Championships

Bournemouth Joggers has it’s very own Club Championship with the idea that you get rewarded for representing the club wherever and whatever you run in. If you complete any of the designated races or bonus events mentioned, then you will earn points. The CC runs the full calendar year, ending 31 December. There are then trophies presented at the AGM each January for the top 15 individuals. It therefore really has no bearing on your speed or ability as there are multiple opportunities to earn additional points to bolster your total, which then means the final results are often quite surprising.

Many of you are already the proud owners of these annual trophies but for the benefit of those new(ish) to the club, thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of how you can rake in the points and try to win a bit of bling come the AGM...

Everyone is grouped in 5 year ages, based on the age they will turn during 2015 eg 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 etc
  • 10 points for simply completing any of the designated races with an additional 5 points for the first person home in each age group, then 4, 3 etc....if more than 5 in an age group complete the event then everyone will get at least one additional point
  • Bonus 5 points for bettering your distance pb in any event (pbs are only recorded for 5k, 5 miles, 3.5 miles (Summer Series), 10k, 7.5 miles (Gilly Hilly), 10 miles, half marathon, 20k (Puddletown Plod), 20 miles and marathon)
  • Bonus 25 points for completing any ultra marathon
  • Bonus 20 points for completing any marathon
  • Bonus 10 points for completing any half marathon
  • Bonus 10 points for completing any cross country / off road event, regardless of the distance (however if it is advertised as a marathon, then you will instead qualify for the bonus 20 points and similarly if it is advertised as an ultra marathon, then you will instead receive the bonus 25 points)
  • Bonus 5 points for completing any 10k (except our own Boscombe 10k as we will be required for marshalling)
  • Bonus 2 points each time you complete a Park Run

There are also age group certificates up for grabs.

Well done to all the 2013 Club Championship winners!